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Whether you are looking for a corporate member you met at an event, want to find other ESOP companies in your industry, are looking for a company that offers professional ESOP services, or seek someone knowledgeable about ESOPs to serve on your board, the resources below can help you find who you seek. 
Note: The ESOP Association makes no representations or endorsements regarding the quality of work performed by its members.

Corporate Member Directories

Corporate Members

Find your fellow member ESOP companies in this directory that is searchable by company name, city, state, and zip code.

Corporate Members by Industry

Search for your fellow member ESOP companies by industry.

Professional Member Directories

Professional Members by Specialty

Find ESOP Association members who provide the following services:

  • 1042 Rollover
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Communications, Ownership Culture, Leadership
  • Feasibility & Design
  • Financing
  • General Business
  • Legal
  • Repurchase Obligation—Forecasting & Funding
  • Software
  • Trustee & Fiduciary Services
  • Valuation

Professional Members

Search for Professional Members of The ESOP Association by clicking below.

Outside Board Registry

Looking for individuals to serve on your board and who are knowledgeable about ESOPs? Check out this unique list, which includes corporate and professional members who have relevant experience and are willing to serve on the boards of ESOP companies.