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Take advantage of many ways of connecting with your peers in the ESOP commuinity.

Online Community

welcome to ESOP Network
The ESOP Network is your gateway to a unique networking experience—one available only to members of The ESOP Association.

Better than traditional social media channels, ESOP Network lets you:

  • Engage exclusively with your fellow members—the companies and individuals who are most knowledgeable and most committed to employee ownership.
  • Share files, links, and other resources in a secure, non-public environment.
  • Join multiple communities, each with a separate focus—making it easier to find and join the conversations that most interest you.
  • Request new communities to focus on emerging and developing topics.

When this feature launches in early 2019, you can access it from this page. But remember you will need to sign in—this resource is available exclusively to ESOP Association members.

Coming Soon!

Member Directories

Online Directory

ESOP Experts

Need a new service provider? Have a dilemma? The answers are in the ESOP Experts. The ESOP Experts is an easy-to-use, category-by-category listing of specialized services offered by Professional members of The ESOP Association.

Online Directory

Membership Directory

The ESOP Association Membership Directory is a listing of Association members alphabetically, geographically, by industry, and ESOP specialty. To access the Directory, you must login.

Online Directory

Outside Board Registry

Looking for a new board member? Want someone who understands ESOPs? Start with our registry, which lists Corporate and Professional members who are interested in serving on the boards of ESOP companies.

Networking Channels

Social Media

Connect with The ESOP Association on one or all of our many social media channels.