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Membership Categories & Dues

The ESOP Association is a terrific value—which is why more than 90 percent of our members renew each year! Learn about the many benefits of becoming an ESOP Association member, or scroll down for information on our categories of membership and dues structure. 

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Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships are for companies that have an ESOP or similar plan in place.

Annual dues are based on the total number of active and inactive participants in the plan. and are assessed according to this table:

250‑499 $1,400
5,000 and up                 $4,580

Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships are for businesses and individuals that offer services (such as accounting, valuation, and legal advice) to companies that have or are considering an ESOP.

Professional memberships may be purchased for the entire business, or for a select Individual or individuals.

Memberships for the entire business enable every person in the company to receive ESOP Association member benefits.

An individual membership offers benefits solely to the person holding the membership. Additional individual memberships may be purchased by others who work in the same office location, and at a lower rate. (See below.)

 Professional Member Category      Dues
 Business Membership     $18,935
 Individual Membership $830
 Extra Individual Memberships*  $400

* From the same office location

Affiliate Memberships

Affiliate Memberships are a great way for companies considering an ESOP to gather information and  network with existing ESOP companies at chapter and national meetings. 

This membership is valid for one year.

Dues: $640  

Educational Memberships

Educational Memberships are for full‑time faculty and students of accredited colleges and universities, as well as non‑profit organiza­tions that promote employee ownership. 

Dues: $180