Government Relations
IANE ESOP Chapter Government Relations Committee Members:
Chair:  Ryan Ball, VGM Group,
Rod Reinertson, Van Meter Inc.,
Scot Storjohann, GreatBanc Trust Company,
Jim Winterscheid, Travel and Transport, Inc.,


                                           Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Meets Chapter Members, May, 2016

Government Relations News: 


  • ESOP Advocacy Kit; How to Host A Congressional Visit2016 Fall Versions - by The ESOP Association
  • ESOP Census 2013 - DOWNLOAD FILE
  • Employee Ownership Census - DOWNLOAD FILE Statistics about employee ownership in Iowa and Nebraska to share with your congressperson and senator.
  • How to Host a Congressional Representative Visit at Your Company - DOWNLOAD FILE Presented by Rod Reinertson, President, Iowa-Nebraska ESOP Chapter
  • ESOP Facts and Figures - DOWNLOAD FILE
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