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Sentry Equipment Corp

Celerbating 33 years of Employee - Ownership

When Dick Henszey took over The Henszey Company that was founded in 1924, he renamed it Sentry Equipment because the company “guarded” material integrity and boiler systems against corrosion. That, with five employees and a bold vision, has grown into a global enterprise of 180 employee-owners who serve customers in over 50 countries across six continents.  With Dick Henszey’s retirement looming and the family’s desire to see their company continue to serve its customers and employees, Sentry ownership transferred in 1986 to 100% Employee Owned.  It did not take long for our Employee Owners to realize that investing in innovation and in ourselves creates an environment to succeed.  

Sentry Equipment - 2019 Feature Member WI

Our progressive growth, as it does with most businesses, brought with it some new challenges which led to the formation of our Communication Council (SOCC =Sentry Ownership Communication Council).  This team, as elected Ambassadors, promotes our culture of Employee Ownership throughout Sentry Equipment through learning events and challenges to help keep our Employee Owners engaged and constantly thinking about ownership. One of the many learning tools this team, along with Sentry management, provided us with last year was what we call today our “Why” statement and video.  It was our way of connecting the dots for all our Employee Owners, their families, our Suppliers, our Customers and the world to have a better understanding of our purpose: To safeguard people and processes for a better world.

The Sentry Advantage

Industry-leading experience - Taking the time to understand our customers’ business needs, we go above and beyond, exceeding expectations with the highest quality, customized sampling solutions in the market. Our engineers are well-respected throughout the industry for their technical competencies, applications expertise, and strong engineering backgrounds, which allow us to consistently offer the reliable technical solutions and support our customers demand.

Sentry Equipment - 2019 Feature Member WI - HabitatEmployee-owned and proud of it - As an employee-owned company, our team fully appreciates the value of every relationship with our Customer, Suppliers our families and our communities.  We continually invest in finding more and better ways to serve our customers and Employee Owners well into the future. This investment could be teaching Employee Owners the value of having a retirement fund, the value of continually learning, work-life balance or serving in our communities – “paying it forward”.

Number of Employee-Owners:  180
Headquarted: Oconomowoc, WI
Other facility: Houston, TX