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Illinois Chapter Awards

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2020 Illinois Chapter Company and Employee Owner of the Year Nomination Forms


View the Helpful Tips Sheet for pointers for next years submission: Illinois Chapter Awards Helpful Tips (.PDF) 

Congratulations to the 2019 Illinois Chapter Award Winner!

2019 Illinois ESOP Employee Owner of the Year!

Michelle Riedel - Scot Forge
2019 IL Employee Owner of the Year - Michelle Riedel

2018 Illinois Chapter Award Winners!

2018 Illinois ESOP Company of the Year!



2018 Illinois ESOP Employee Owner of the Year!

Meghan Brinker, Burwood


Submiting an application can pay off! Chapter winners:

  • Are automatically enrolled in the national ESOP Association competition.

  • Win one free registration to The ESOP Association's Annual Conference in Washington, DC in May.

  • Earn recognition at Illinois Chapter events and on our website. 

  • Win a plaque to display at your company.

Criteria for ESOP Company of the Year:

Winning companies demonstrate a commitment to employee ownership through:

  • Involvement with the ESOP Association and its programs.
  • Communicating with employees.
  • Commitment to The ESOP Association's vision, which endorses employee participation, wealth creation, and individual dignity and worth.

The company should be financially solvent and have more than one or two years of ESOP sponsorship. It is not necessary that the company have a particular style of management. More importantly, employees should feel a sense of ownership and/or that the ESOP is important to the company and the employees.

Criteria for Employee Owner of the Year:

The Employee Owner of the Year should be below the level of senior management. Despite the lack of a firm rule stating the employee owner has to be an hourly or non-management employee, these two terms can be general guides for the selection process.

The individual should be active in the employee ownership activities of the company and/or activities of The ESOP Association where appropriate. Examples include:

  • Serving on the company ESOP committee or on an employee advisory committee.
  • Contributing to a company publication.
  • Helping with Employee Ownership Month (EOM) observances.
  • Helping fellow employees gain a better understanding of the ESOP.
  • Attending chapter meetings and/or helping with chapter meetings or activities.
  • Writing a letter to an elected official in support of ESOPs.
  • Attending Association meetings, such as the Employee Owner Retreat or other national conferences.

The overwhelming criteria should revolve around the person’s overall contribution as a good citizen in the company where he or she works.