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2018 AACE Videos

Below, you will find the entrants for the 2018 AACE Video Award. The two first place and two runner-up awards are given based on company size. Below the winner and runner up videos you can find the judge's comments which may help give an idea of why they were chosen.

Companies with 250 or Fewer Employees

Wiley Wilson

Judges’ Comments: Concise video with excellent production values. Strong message about corporate culture is effectively conveyed by showing the employee annual retreat in action. Employees are featured prominently and clearly identified. The video taps a good mix of people and shows the company’s involvement with The ESOP Association at the chapter and national level.  

Runner Up

Judges’ Comments: Effective use of humor, music, cinematography, graphics, and a mix of color and black and white footage all combine to provide a very good explanation of this company’s culture. 

Other Entrants

Companies with More Than 250 Employees

ITA Group

Judges’ Comments: This video does a great job of explaining the ESOP and expressing the company culture. Provides a very positive message about employee ownership, collaboration, and teamwork. A good mix of employees is individually identified. Emotional impact is achieved through good production values, lighting, and cinematography. 

Runner Up
The Greenery

Judges’ Comments: This video has very good energy—ably matched with upbeat music—and communicates in English and Spanish. Messages include how long the company has been in business, how long it has been 100 percent employee owned, and how it has grown—even during the recession. The founders and many employees are featured; including multiple locations shows an inclusive culture.