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Employee Ownership Month

2019 EOM Website Photo Collage
Every October, The ESOP Association and its member companies celebrate Employee Ownership Month. This is a terrific celebration of the spirit of employee ownership, and an invaluable opportunity to educate employee owners, elected officials, the media, and the public at large about the benefits of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

This year we will have themes for each week as well as two contests for our members! Check it out below.

2019 EOM Themes

For each of the five weeks of October, we will be sharing information and resources that fall into a specific theme. These themes won’t be exclusive—we will share other information that falls outside that theme, too—but these themes will help us organize the great information available about ESOPs.

Do you have tweets, resources, or other items that fit these themes? If so, share them with us online and we can all make the world a little more aware of what makes ESOPs so powerful.

Week 1: Oct. 1-6, ESOPs Rock!

Tune in for stats and insights on how ESOPs benefit employee owners individually and the business.

Week 2: Oct. 7-13, Developing Employee Owners

From employee training to financial literacy, ESOPs go above and beyond when it comes to investing in the skills of their employee owners.

Week 3: Oct. 14-20, Building Wealth Equality

Research released this year shows some amazing ways that ESOP companies help even the playing field for everyone. What you see will make you prouder than ever to work in an ESOP company.

Week 4: Oct. 21-27, Marketing Your ESOP

Learn how job applicants and customers react to ESOPs, and hear how award winning companies trumpet their employee-owned status to the world.

Week 5: Oct. 28-31, What’s Next?

Now that we have celebrated Employee Ownership with each other for a few weeks, we’ll look at ways to take the party on the road and share employee ownership even more broadly, with new companies, owners, elected officials, and your community. 

Photo Contest

As you conduct your education, fun, and community service activities, don’t forget to capture the moment in pictures—and then share those pictures with us on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #EOMESOP. (Photos must be posted to this hashtag to be considered.)

We will pick the winning photo based on a mix of criteria, including how much others interact with your photo online (likes, retweets, etc.), and how well your photo captures the spirit of employee ownership.

The winning photo gets our new, rebranded ESOP flag!

 5a3a185132ceb1.89894673151375675320812609 Tweet #EOMESOP

Check out last year's online celebration on our Employee Ownership Month 2018 Twitter Collection!

Essay Contest

Outsiders probably can’t understand what it is like to work in an ESOP company. Now is your chance to tell them!

Write down your thoughts about being an employee owner and send them to us. Tell us how being an employee owner affects your day, your connection to your fellow employees and the business, how you feel coming to work on Mondays, what makes your company unique. We want to hear from you and your personal reactions to being one of the owners where you work.

E-mail your entry to The winning entry will win an ESOP flag.

Disclaimer: By entering these contests you agree that the ESOP Association and it's affiliate, The Employee Ownership Foundation may use any photos or essay submissions online or in print publications to promote employee ownership.